Blue Anafi

A Biodiversity Hotspot of Cyclades


  • Location : Anafi, Cyclades, Greece
  • Status : Future initiative
  • Focus Sector : Conservation actions in Anafi. Highlighting the natural heritage of the island
  • Beneficiaries : Approximately 250 individuals, local small producers’ associations
  • Implementing Partners : MedSOS and MOm

Anafi is a small island located at the southeastern edge of the Cyclades complex, near the island of Thera which:

  • has a coastline of 32.4 kilometres and a maximum altitude of 579 metres (Mount Vigla)
  • offers archaeological as well as mythological interest
  • is claimed to have 181 species of rare flora
  • is protected under the EU Natura 2000 conservation scheme.

    Anafi is an island of significant natural value.

A preparatory monitoring survey has already been completed and breeding places of monk seal individuals have been identified. Thalassa Foundation is going to highlight the significance of the area as an important monk seal breeding site and will implement concrete conservation actions in order to safeguard their future survival. Furthermore, all necessary data for the expansion of the Natura 2000 limits to the sea will be collected. Our ultimate goal is to create a marine protected area for the protection of local marine life where environmentally friendly activities could be promoted (diving, marine mammals observation and others).


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