Alonissos residents at the Educational Seminar "Prehospital Trauma Life Suppport"

March 21 2022

With funding provided by Thalassa Foundation, a five member tems from Alonissos inlcuding doctors, members of the islands security forces and volunteers attende and graduated form the Seminar "Prehospital Trauma Life Support" held at the EKAB facilites in Athens on March 19th and 20th. PHTLS has a strogn presence in many countries around the world and constitutes the most recognized program of conitnuous training, with about 11.000 certified trainers and appociamtely 700.000 certified health care professionals

Photo 2 PHTLS

PHTLS integrates theoretical knowledge based on the latest scientific data as well as development of technical skills aiming at systematic training on a specific protocol of treatment for the heavily injured . It The Programme conists of:

  • Safe approach to the area of injury
  • Fast and reliable primary care assessment of the injury and when necessary his/her urgent release
  • Recognition of life-threatening conditions, such as hypoxemia, shock etc. and their handling
  • Knowledge of how to correctly immobilize the injured person
  • Execution of full secondary assessment and safe transfer to the closest and most adequate health care facility