ECO NEWS' tribute to Alonissos small miracle

June 24 2019

The Alonissos case was hosted, among other very interesting environmental issues, on Saturday's Katerina Christofilidou econews environmental tv show on skai channel.The broadcast focused on the positive effect of the restrictive regulations imposed on the protection of the Marine Park on fish stocks and the marine environment in general, and hence on quality tourism and the economy of the island. According to Thalassa Foundation's Vice President,Vera Alexandropoulou, "the local community realised the benefits of the Marine Park" and now it has become an integral part of its conservation and protection activities.

Professor Athanassios Tsikliras, also interviewed in the same tv show, highlighted the measurable benefits that Marine Park's constraints have led to both the quantity and the size of the catches, resulting in greater profit for the fishermen.
The Mayor of Alonissos, Petros Vafinis, specifically mentioned the prospects for quality tourism that are created thanks to the existence of the Marine Park on the island.

The tv show came to the conclusion that after the local community, the NGOs and the private sector having done their share in Alonissos through several coordinated actions, it is time now for the state to contribute to the protection of the Marine Park by enhancing its patrolling and offering compensatory benefits to the fishermen and the inhabitants of the island.

View all the show at the next link and the tribute to Alonissos at 12:15