Fishers on board for the protection of the NMPANS

August 13 2019

The restrictive regulations that were established for the protection of National Marine Park of Alonissos Northern Sporades had beneficial effects for the biodiversity of the area but also for the local fishery. According to research, permanent spatial restrictions contribute to the protection of local fish such as hake, sea bream, gossamer and bass, as well as to the protection of benthic ecosystems such as Posidonia meadows. At the same time, higher biomass and bigger body sizes are guaranteed for marine fish and invertebrate species.

This development helped the fishers from Alonissos realise that the restrictions are also beneficial to themselves and thus they became involved to the protection of the Park by signing a joint text of commitments for its sustainable management. According to this text, the fishermen of Alonissos recognize that overfishing, illegal and uncontrolled fishing threaten not only the right of future generations but also the livelihoods of millions of fishermen around the world. Moreover, they realised that the fish stocks in the area of ​​Alonissos, as in other areas of Greece, are in poor condition.

For all the aforementioned reasons, they are committed to turn in to sustainable fishing practices, to contribute to the conservation of the Park, to work with the Management Body and the scientific community to increase the knowledge on fish stocks, to collect and recycle their nets and participate in clean up activities.