Thalassa Foundation participates in a student event on the marine environment

June 24 2022

Thalassa Foundation had the chance to participte to an ESG initiative highlighting the value that young scientists bring to the real maritime market.

Deree students together with shipowners and maritime leaders (all HELMEPA members) collaborate to identify best practices that promote smooth decarbonisation, marine environmental protection and sustainable development.
As part of the BiG Focus initiative (launched in March 2022), students presented their work - so far, and discussed the findings with shipowners and shipping executives (24 May, BiG Focus event, ACG event hall).

The students presented their findings on decarbonising the shipping industry, sustainability and pollution prevention in ports, and the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on the shipping sector. Areas addressed included the use of alternative fuels and propulsion systems for ships, means and methods to create sustainable ports, and new technologies that can transform the shipping industry and lead to more efficient operations while enhancing safety.
The discussion also focused on the man-made impacts on the marine environment. In particular, students presented their research findings on overfishing, human activities from urban and agricultural areas, shipping, coastal development and tourism, and oil spills. They outlined the problems associated with these issues, the impacts on biodiversity and the solutions. In addition, the results of two surveys applied by the students were presented on perceptions of water pollution and oil pollution.
The presentations were followed by a lively discussion with shipping executives: Mr. Konstantinos Samaritis, Sector Head of Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Europe Britannia P&I, Ms Alexandra Kouvadellis, Senior Claims Director of Thomas Miller P&I Ltd, Ms Vera Alexandropoulou, Vice President of the Thalassa Foundation, Mr Vassilios Dimoulas, Technology & Innovation Manager, Greece, Cyprus & Malta, Bureau Veritas Ltd., Ms Natassa Triantafyllidou, Climate Change & Sustainability Manager, V Group and Mr Konstantinos Triantafyllou, Head of Strategy and Development, HELMEPA.