The Alonissos Marine Park in Munich

November 30 2023

A wonderful, unprecedented and educational adventure, which started about 3 years ago, culminated in the best possible way last weekend in Munich, Germany. The documentary of the Alonissos Scouts Alonissos Marine Park, the natural wealth in the Aegean Galaxy was screened in the framework of the Greek Film Week in Munich, which is the largest film event of the Greek community in the German city and the longest running film event of its kind in Europe. The qualitative standards of the festival, which were successfully met by the documentary of the scouts of Alonnisos, is evident from the type and style of the other films included in the programme, such as INSIDE with Willem Dafoe, the internationally acclaimed black comedy AirHostess 737, the iconic Nikos Nikolaidis films The Wretches Are Still Singing and The Loser Takes It All and many other great short and feature films.

The scouts of Alonissos, with the full support of the Thalassa Foundation, which from the beginning has been a supporter of their vision and effort, travelled to Munich to attend the screening of their film, together with the filmmaker Apostolia Papaioannou, who assisted the group in all the stages of the realization of the documentary. The screening of the film took place on Sunday, 26 November at the Neues Rottmann cinema and received warm applause from the audience. After the end of the screenings, the scouts had the opportunity to discuss with the audience about their film, their island and of course their source of inspiration, the Marine Park of Alonissos B. Sporades.

It is worth mentioning that the documentary Alonissos Marine Park, the natural wealth in the Aegean Galaxy was also awarded at the Chania Film Festival, where it was screened in the ON LINE screening category, and was a finalist at the Epidavros Film Festival. With such an encouraging start, it is certain that there will be an equally brilliant continuation, which is already envisioned and planned by both the Alonissos Scouts and the Thalassa Foundation.