The big meeting of the MPA Management Bodies in Alonissos!

September 24 2019

A historic meeting for the environmental agenda of Greece is scheduled to take place on September 30 and October 1, 2019 in Alonissos. In particular, representatives of Management Bodies from 9 Marine Protected Areas will meet for the first time at a common working table, with the aim of getting to know each other, mapping the current situation and common problems, sharing experiences and best practices and, in particular, highlighting potential partnerships and mutually beneficial actions.

The Workshop will be attended by representatives of the Management bodies from the following Marine Protected Areas: 1) Alonissos V. Sporades, 2) Zakynthos, 3) Thermaikos Gulf, 4) Volvi - Halkidiki, 5) Nestos, Vistonida, Ismairida and Thassos 6) Evros and Samothrace, 7) Evia, 8) Karpathos of Saria and 9) Cyclades. The momentum of the recent enlargement of Protected Areas, and correspondingly of the increase of the Management bodies, has prompted the organization of this event, which will focus on sustainable fisheries issues as protected area management bodies will be assigned to manage and regulate fisheries issues in their marine protected areas which now cover 22% of the national territory.

In this context, along with the representatives of the Management Bodies, fishermen from the Marine Protected Areas have been invited to participate in the Workshop in order to contribute their own experience to the event and at the same time participate in training seminars for sustainable fisheries and fishing tourism.
The Workshop is co-organized by the Management Body of Alonissos Northern Sporades and the Thalassa Foundation.