With love for the Environment

February 15 2018
(Press Release. Mediterranean SOS Network- 15/2/2018)

The residents of Skiathos chose Valentine's Day to express their love for the environment, by taking upon a symbolic, yet, very practical action: On February 14th, students, volunteers and representatives of official bodies of Skiathos endeavoured to a door-to-door of distribution of over 1.000 cotton bags, all around the residential area of the island and under the A.S.A.P. (Active Skiathos Against Plastic bag) project. It should be noted that the A.S.A.P. project is funded by the BeMed – Beyond Plastic Med initiative, Thalassa Foundation, the Municipality of Skiathos, the Mediterranean SOS Network and is supported by the Cultural Association of Skiathos.

The activity was filled with immense enthusiasm by the six separate groups of volunteers. Every group consisted of students and teachers from the Junior High School of Skiathos, members of the Coordinating Committee of the A.S.A.P. project, of the Standby Group of Skiathos, the Hellenic Rescue Team, the Cultural Association of Skiathos and employees of the Environment and Sanitation Department of the Municipality of Skiathos.

Residents welcomed the distribution of the bags, given that during the last few months they have been informed extensively about the detrimental effects of plastic bags and the initiatives taken in the context of the A.S.A.P. project to reduce their use. They also seem very decisive in changing their consumer behaviour and incorporating the cotton bag in their day-to-day practice. On the occasion of yesterday's activity, the students also handed out the "Decalogue of Cleanliness" which is an initiative of the Junior High School aiming at a cleaner Skiathos. Last, the volunteers left a note on the doorsteps of residents that were away at the time of distribution, to get their cotton bag from the Municipality's premises.

This action plan was designed by the Coordinating Committee of the project, which is comprised of: Costis Yannitsis, Vice Mayor, Yannis Stamatas, President of the Environmental Committee of the Municipality, Anna Armamentou, High school Τeacher, Eroulia Dioletta, Secretary General of the Hotel Association of Skiathos, Yannoula Kokoliou, Curator of the local branch of the Greek Guiding Association, Thanos Tzoumas, President of the "Standby Group of Skiathos"/Hellenic Rescue Team and Thodoris Tzoumas, President of the Cultural Association of Skiathos.

The A.S.A.P. project, which was launched in May 2017, continues strongly on its path. In April 2018, members of the Mediterranean SOS Network will travel to Skiathos in order to complete educational visits to schools, extensive deliberation and informative actions, as well as synergetic actions with the respective "Plastic Bag Free Alonissos" project.